"I know what I see when I look at my paintings,
I know what I've discovered and what I've resolved.
It's a lovely way of pulling the venom out of the wound."

My persistent belief is that life has important lessons to teach. These lessons are sometimes just what we've been told, and sometimes amazing surprises, different than anything we knew before. We can receive information through every sense and through all the media. Painting is a gift, a revelation for me. I at some point stumble on something that wants to be known. At the end of the process, which never ends, I feel a kind of pleasure that I've never felt before. I even feel joy. If I come to the canvas upset or disgruntled, I walk away completely at peace. It is as though beauty and harmony in the universe have paid me a visit. A short visit, but we have connected and exchanged views. I believe that it is important to continue to try to paint new subjects and compositions to keep discovering new information. I want the work to develop on its own and surprise me. Working together with the medium, I want to see new things.

"Art is always an attempt to distill the conflicts in our lives and in our world to a reunited whole. To put man back in the garden or to give him a map to get himself back there. We can chronicle the rough dynamism of a painful experience, but the drive is to control it through recording it symbolically, understanding it by reducing it to symbols and the eventual philosophical resolution of it."

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